dinaClothing Room Coordinator, Dina Pesina, was beaming as she pulled out a bright pink toddler jacket from her new Whirlpool Duet washing machine, graciously donated by longtime supporters Capital Distributing in Dallas.

“I can’t believe it’s almost dry! Feel this!” says Dina as she hands the tiny fleece to a small audience who is equally captivated by modern technology (specifically, the “washer fan” setting).

The Clothing Room provides gently-used apparel for nearly 3,000 individuals each year, and varies from back-to-school outfits to winter coats and interview attire. This summer, multiple outfits will be selected for at least 350 growing children as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

Since dignity is of utmost importance to GRACE, each piece of clothing is washed, neatly folded, and spot-treated if necessary. When Capital Distributing got word that our previous washer was on the brink of dying, they offered a new, efficient washer without hesitation.

The high-efficiency Whirlpool washing machine saves an average of 3,000 gallons of water a year and has an energy-star rating for reduced utility usage. The appliance boasts a steaming feature that penetrates fibers to help the detergent break down tougher stains (read: grass stains) and reduces drying time.

The Dallas company is known for their support of local charities, and is the recipient of several recent awards, including Designers Choice from the American Society of Interior Designers and Best of houzz for service in 2014.

Thank you so much, Jennifer Tyrell, and the team at Capital Distributing for your donation! We appreciate you!


gala-tourDid you know we offer tours to groups and individuals that are interested in learning more about GRACE? Taking a tour is an excellent way to get a behind-the-scenes look at our operations and encourages people to get engaged in the exciting things happening at GRACE.

“We love to show off!” joked GRACE Executive Director Shonda Schaefer. “Seriously, we feel honored to be able to serve families with the community’s support, and we couldn’t have a better staff to carry out the GRACE mission. It’s inspiring to visit our sites and see firsthand how our services make a meaningful impact in the lives of thousands in Greater Northeast Tarrant County.”

Shonda often serves as the tour guide, and her depth of knowledge and history of GRACE is immense. Her pride in the work of GRACE is also grounded in a true sense of calling and humility.

Transportation to neighboring sites is provided, and groups can take advantage of making an afternoon or evening of it with a meal, based on preference. Along the way, groups get acquainted with the Managers and staff at Donation Station, our resale stores, the Community Clinic, Food Pantry and Transitional Housing site.

This week we had the pleasure of hosting two large groups for a tour, which included the Gala Auction committee and guests of the Board.

“It’s been incredible to see how infectious the message of GRACE is. When people see that you are truly passionate about something, they want to be part of it,” says GRACE Board Member and Gala Chair Kevin Chase. (Read more about the 2015 Gala Chairs here.)

The full tour takes about two hours, but timing can be adjusted to accommodate most any schedule. Usually it takes about two weeks’ notice to make sure all the arrangements are perfect.

We love getting to know our community, and we love the opportunity to share the core message of GRACE that can be summed in one verse, “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

To learn more about taking a tour, email GRACE Volunteer Manager Lara Hohweiler at

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10363329_10152504458941995_9128393482203833024_nIf you receive our regular GRACE E-news, you likely catch a lot of buzz about our upcoming Gala, and recently, our Gala Gifting Party. The events promise to be a fun evening, but more importantly, they are a crucial element of the mission to reach families during their time of need.

When a family or business donates something as simple as a desk lamp or as luxurious as box seats to a sporting event, the revenue earned from our resale stores or the Gala generates the “everyday funds” required to operate our programs.

A simple lamp might light the room of a single mother who has finally found refuge in our Transitional Housing program, or generate income to purchase kitchen stapes at the Food Pantry. From a household item to an in-kind donation of two tickets to Paris, a gift of any financial value holds great personal value to the families we serve.

What’s wonderful about the mission of GRACE is that it seeks to utilize all resources to their fullest, so that children have food and clothing, and their parents have hope for the future or their utility bill that month.

A recent example of your gifts at work followed the sudden death of Isabella O’Campo, a GRACE client and single mother of four. In the midst of an impossible situation, GRACE had the funds to support her family on behalf of the community beyond our normal scope of service. This hardworking mother’s life was honored by assisting their family with funeral costs, high school graduation expenses for her eldest son and temporary living arrangements.

Due to the community support of items and in-kind Gala donations, GRACE had the faith in our community and the funds in the bank to offer at least one, “yes” to a family looking for answers.

The GRACE Gala Gifting Party is an annual event that beckons the community to say “yes” to families struggling to provide for their children every day.

Please consider joining us on Thursday, May 28 at Brio Tuscan Grille. Entry to the party is an auction item with a minimum value of $100. For event details and a list of donation ideas click here.




FleetPride, the national company often dubbed the, “AutoZone of the trucking industry,” collaborated with GRACE to give back during their annual teambuilding initiative by donating brand new bicycles for GRACE families.

Over 100 managers gathered to capitalize on their affinity for competition, as each of the eight teams raced to assemble the bikes in lightning fashion, topping off their workstation with “trucking decorations” that were all the makings of a traffic jam.

Confident in their building skills, the crew then sought out a riding competition, which involved dozens of middle-aged men testing the bikes for safety and weight restrictions.

The ‘assembly’ was held at Movie Studios, a local venue that houses classic Hollywood memorabilia like a shirt from Chuck Norris, one of Fonzie’s iconic leather jackets, and even stage props from popular films, such as the Truman Show.

All theatrics aside, the endeavor was as clever as it was purposeful. Thanks to FleetPride the new bicycles will be donated to children in need on behalf of GRACE. Children who are within walking distance to their school will be able to bike instead, as well as younger teens who work after school.

A special thanks to Grapevine Bikes for their thorough safety inspection of the assembled bicycles.

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121110_0082GRACE is honored to announce Stacey and Kevin Chase as the 2015 Chairs for the GRACE Gala, championing twelve outstanding years of vital program funding.

As Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer for EFH, Luminant and TXU Energy, Kevin’s organizational management and networking acumen has extended the GRACE message to countless individuals and corporations, leading to a considerable increase in community engagement. Since 2013, Kevin has served on GRACE’s Board of Directors and has provided development expertise in various capacities, including Drive into the Night and the Gala Sponsorship Committee.

Stacey has been instrumental to GRACE through her leadership in the Gala Auction Committee. Stacey also volunteered twice a week for the past several years at the Food Pantry, where she collected grocery items throughout the week for at-risk families.

The couple is heavily involved in several other charities beyond GRACE, including United Way, the University of Texas scholarship endowment, and CASA, where Stacey is a Court Appointed Special Advocate. In addition, Stacey’s heart for human trafficking victims has involved her with other ministries like We Are Cherished and Rescue Her. Stacey is currently studying for her Masters in Nutrition and caring for their latest blessing—their three-month old adopted son, Austin. Kevin and Stacey enjoy the many blessing of living in Southlake with their four kids (Abby, Ethan, Emma and Austin) and three dogs (Fergie, Mika and Bevo).

The duo may be dynamic in the world of business and academia, but it is their dedication to family and giving to others less fortunate that makes their investment in GRACE highly personal. “Family is the core of who we are. We sought counsel with those we respected to find a local, established non-profit with an excellent track record and a Christ-centered heritage,” says Kevin. “By serving at GRACE, we are able to instill God-honoring principles in our four children and be part of a mission that truly equips families to thrive again.”

The Chases will continue to be responsible for garnering support from corporate and individual sponsors at the Gala, which provides ample exposure and encourages patronage to businesses with a kindred desire to serve families in need. Not only have the Chases made corporate connections, the two have a zeal for sharing the GRACE message with their friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

“The prayerful decision to commit to GRACE has taken us on unexpected paths, and it’s been incredible to witness how infectious the message of GRACE is. There are so many different ways to serve at GRACE. When people discover there is a place to put their time, talents and resources to good use, it resounds with so many people who are compelled to be a part of a great cause,” says Chase.

We are honored to have the Chases as ambassadors of the GRACE mission. The Gala promises a phenomenal night filled with purpose—but it is also the party of the year!

If you are interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities for the GRACE Gala on Saturday, October 10, contact Mark Woolverton. Event details and ticket information can be found at

2015 Gala Packets

2015 Auction and In-Kind Sponsor Packet final

2015 Monetary Sponsorship Packetfinal

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You’re Invited to Gala Gifting Party


Whether you are new to the GRACE Gala or are a Gala patron, the Gala Gifting Party on Thursday, May 28, is the perfect opportunity to be part of the excitement. Every year, generous members of the GRACE family donate irresistible auction items that generate a large portion of our funds at the Gala.

You’re invited to help us celebrate the upcoming Gala with live music, hors d’oeuvres and bottomless champagne. Entry to this exclusive party is an item donation valued at a minimum of $100, which is auctioned at the Gala to fund GRACE programs.

Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Any kind of tickets – concerts, sporting events, races – the sky is the limit.
  • Autographed memorabilia.
  • A vacation home you would allow to be auctioned off for a week/weekend stay.
  • Airlines miles.
  • Gift certificates to restaurants, movies, hotels, home or health services, or retail stores.
  • Cash Donations.

Also, note that our Gala is on October 10, so please be sure that any offers expire well after the Gala.

Event Details:

Gala Gifting Party, Thursday, May 28 from 6:00-8:30 p.m.

Brio Tuscan Grille, 1431 Plaza Place in Southlake

Entry to party is an in-kind donation valued at at least $100. Valet parking will be provided. Guests are asked to RSVP to

PRESS is encouraged to attend.