On behalf of the GRACE Gala Auction Committee, a warmhearted thank you for making the Gifting Party part of your evening. As always, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of this community.

If you weren’t able to attend and would still like to participate, the Gala Auction Committee is accepting in-kind gifts until October. The types of gifts are only limited to your imagination, but some examples might include: airline miles, tickets to concerts or sporting events, unique experiences, vacation stays and spa packages.

In-kind donations are an important element of the GRACE Gala, which generates program funding throughout the year to provide food, clothing, shelter and medical attention to families facing crisis in the community.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to our generous guests, Brio and new General Manager Scott Bandy, for being our hospitable hosts.

Please watch out Facebook page for the complete photo album.



If you have a heart for children and some availability this summer, Feed Our Kids is an excellent way for hands-on volunteering that meets a tangible need for at-risk children.

Feed Our Kids alleviates the burden for families by giving nutritious meals to children while school is not in session. Between 37,000 and 38,500 meals are served each summer thanks to selfless volunteers and support from local restaurants. The program kicks off June 6 each weekday through August 15.

If you’ve never been part of Feed Our Kids, this summer program is deal for churches, civic groups or businesses looking to improve internal morale and be part of giving back in a local, tangible way. There are still spots available the end of June, through July and mid-August.

Groups can choose to sponsor meals at a particular site for the day or work week. New groups will have the resources they need to get started by contacting Seasonal Programs Coordinator Lori Stevens.

Read more about the Feed Our Kids program here.


When Primrose approached GRACE about ways to serve, we fell in love with the idea of their children collecting books for other children who are less fortunate. Primrose School at Hall Johnson, together with a community group from 121 Church, collected a library of approximately 150 children’s books to go to the families in GRACE’s Transitional Housing program.

Extra devotional and inspirational books were also collected for the single mothers in the program. The parents, children and staff personalized each book with stamps, stickers, bible verses and encouraging messages to the clients.

GRACE Accountant Amy Jensen was the liaison between GRACE and the two groups. When asked what she garnered from this experience, she writes, “It’s brought me so much joy to share the mission of GRACE by building relationships and spurring others to make an impact within the realm of their own passions.”

The school has hosted collected drives for the Food Pantry for our Holiday Food Drive, and as conversations grew so did the heartfelt desire to instill a community mindset with their young pupils throughout the year.

A special thanks to our tiniest and sweetest of donors, Primrose School at Hall Johnson, 121 Community Church and Amy Jensen for their thoughtful donations!

It’s never been easier to host a collection drive at GRACE. Contact Chelsea Rose for resources to meet the real time needs at all our programs.

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“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” –C.S. Lewis


The GRACE family literally bridged the gap for one senior couple in the community. Each month faithful Friends & Family volunteers deliver commodities to displaced and isolated seniors in our neighborhoods.

Not only do these volunteers ensure each senior’s physical needs are met, a relationship naturally develops as a trusted advocate and friend.

Of the two seniors living in the mobile home, one was physically handicapped. The volunteers noticed the entry to the home was unstable at best, and there was cause for concern for the safety of these clients.

Friends & Family Coordinator Maryanne Waddell researched to find a solution for the elderly couple to ensure the daily hazard was repaired by construction professionals.

She enlisted the help of friend and GRACE supporter Shawn Goff, owner of Graham Hart Home Builders.  Goff reached out to his contacts and personally donated the materials and labor for the eight-hour project.

Not only does this couple have a functional, proper ramp to go into their home, members of this community had the opportunity to recognize a need and step up to make a safe place for our senior friends.

What a remarkable community we are a part of!


Each month the GRACE Community Garden invites the community to participate in a garden day. The duties tend to vary based on the season, state and planting stages of each crop.

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, June 4, when we will be planting tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and cantaloupe. The team will tend to last month’s planting of sweet potatoes and tomatillos. We will also mulch crops and walkways before calling it a day. The garden day begins at 8:00 a.m. and will likely end at noon, depending on volunteer response.

This is an excellent way to engage your family, church group or civic group with hands-on learning that directly benefits families in need.

The GRACE Community Garden is responsible for an average of 3,000 pounds of fresh, organic produce each year. Families can also enjoy the newfound availability of fruit, a rare luxury for a family on a tight income.

If you or group is interested in volunteering for the June 4 work day, visit our full planting calendar here.  Contact garden liaison Alison Shumaker for details.  Thank you in advance for tending to the needs of families through the GRACE Community Garden!


We are delighted to have Ileana Elias on our staff at the GRACE Community Clinic as the Front Office Assistant. As the face of the Clinic, Ileana not only greets incoming patients as their first touch point, she manages all scheduling, administrative roles and assists with clinical care coordination.

After receiving a degree in Psychology from La Salle Cancun University, Ileana used her passions to counsel young children at the local elementary school. She and her husband returned to the states, where she achieved her Masters of Arts of Human Resources from Webster University in El Paso, TX.

According to Ileana, it was her nonprofit internship upon returning that gave her a heart for family advocacy and holistic care. Ileana’s breadth of knowledge in office management, child advocacy and the Spanish language make her a huge asset to GRACE.

“Ileana has not been with us but a short period of time but it did not take her long to settle in and embrace the GRACE mission, said Nurse Manager Shirley Roberts, “She is quick to put everyone at ease with her big smile, warm welcome and servant heart. We are truly blessed to have her join our GRACE team!”

On behalf of the GRACE family, welcome to the team Ileana!


GRACE isn’t just a refuge for families in distress; it’s a place where God’s people can help meet the basic needs of those in crisis and grow and serve in the process.

This month Abiding Grace Lutheran congregants rallied together for a day of selfless service, one that blessed our sites by leaving them more beautiful and functional. The team performed various projects, including sorting goods at Donation Station, power washing on-site at GRACE Main, and giving a fresh coat of paint to a few of our administrate offices.

The church could have stopped there, but not without leaving an encouraging note and vase of flowers for each staff member’s desk.

abidinggracefokA few years ago in particular Abiding Grace displayed what it means to meet the material needs of our families. As summer ended and the school year began, our Food Pantry shelves were extremely sparse. That’s when Abiding Grace Lutheran Church came to the rescue. A team of 20 members canvassed Grapevine neighborhoods for donations one hot Saturday afternoon and gathered 500 toiletries and canned goods!

This year Abiding Grace is also sponsoring two weeks of meals for at-risk children during Feed Our Kids. Thanks Abiding Grace for showing God’s love to GRACE staff and families in our community!


You won’t find any branded logos or press releases about this event; just unabridged community fellowship that makes the children of these families feel special and loved. Transitional Housing hosted its first annual Spring Fling, a community event that forges relationships with the community and the women and families under GRACE’s care.

Saturday’s event would not have been possible without the loving support of local businesses and area volunteers who smoked BBQ, played games, served snow cones and painted super hero masks on so many smiling young faces.

If you weren’t able to participate in this year’s Spring Fling, there are many ways to support our Transitional Housing Program throughout the year. Collection drives are always appreciated, including Home Starter Kits and gift sets for incoming clients. Read more here.

If you have a particular heart for our Transitional Housing program, contact Transitional Housing Manager LaDondra Wilson to be added to her communication list to meet any needs as they arise.

Check out the album below:

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Media Contact: Heather Ortner, GRACE Marketing & Communications Manager, 817-305-4652

GRAPEVINE, TX- A 3-alarm fire erupted this morning at the Ridgecrest Apartments near the 2800 block of Mustang Drive in Grapevine. No physical injuries have been reported, but the residential damage is considerable.

Update as of May 25, 2016: 

We wanted to relay to our GRACE family what we know so far. We know that and that 20 homes were completely destroyed and unlivable and eight apartments were temporarily uninhabitable. Of the 43 displaced residents, nine were children, including two high school students, three elementary students, one toddler and three very young infants.

Long after the media coverage has subsided, GRACE will continue to be there for these families to secure housing, material possessions and emotional support.

Many of these families live paycheck to paycheck and do not have renter’s insurance. Likewise, most families do not have a nest egg to lean on in the event of a catastrophe.

GRACE has stepped in to provide deposit assistance to secure a permanent homestead for select families. GRACE has also been in close collaboration with community partners to ensure that each of the family’s immediate material needs have been met, including gas cards, vouchers, groceries, clothing, diapers, and toiletries. These efforts will continue for as long as each family is in need.

Support from the community grants us the flexibility of a privately-funded organization. It’s because of your hard work that GRACE is able to sit down with each family to address emergent needs and find long-term solutions.

It’s the collective prayer of the GRACE Board and staff that each family we work with comes away with greater health, security and confidence in the road ahead.

To those who made a personal donation or are considering a donation to the family relief fund, we thank you. To the GRACE Board, volunteers, Gala Committee, donors and business sponsors who help us throughout the year, our utmost gratitude. God has brought each of you here to help us build a foundation for these families and clients we see every day.

We will keep the community informed on the progress of these families as the rebuild their lives.


Ways you can help 

GRACE is working with each of these displaced families to find and secure shelter, and replace the household goods, clothing and food lost in the fire. The community has donated approximately 10% of the estimated amount needed to make these families whole again. A website has been set up to accept contributions to help with these costs. Click here to make a tax-deductible contribution to help GRACE help these families.

Here are the updated Food Pantry needs as of May 27:

  • Baby Wipes
  • Saltine Crackers (4-pack)
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Jelly (Plastic containers if possible)
  • Cooking oil
  • Condiments: Ketchup and Mayonnaise

All food donations can be dropped of to the GRACE Food Pantry, 837 E. Walnut Street in Grapevine, during operational hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Wednesday 12:30-5:30 pm *Please note that we will be closed on Memorial Day*

Your earnest prayers are requested on behalf of the families facing tremendous loss. Please pray for personal strength to each family member, and wisdom for GRACE and community leaders.

Stay Informed

Although residents are being asked to refrain from giving item donations on-site at this time, there will come a time when specific material and emotional needs must be met. Please stay informed on all GRACE outlets as we thoroughly evaluate all facets of the situation.

This community has shown its remarkable resilience in the wake of tragedy.  Your generosity allows us to meet specific needs during times of crisis.

On behalf of the families we serve and those we have yet to serve, we are grateful in advance for your response to the needs of those hurting in the community.

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 As a steward of God’s blessings and resources in the community, GRACE demonstrates compassion for those less fortunate by providing assistance to individuals and families in crisis and guidance toward self-sufficiency. 

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