GRACE has the honor of getting to know the hearts of brave men and women who have a fierce drive to become a better parent, son or daughter. Luther is in the introductory stages at Transitional Housing, a comprehensive, two-year program that empowers individuals and families to essentially rebuild their lives due to unforeseen hardship or domestic violence.

Each client has a different story, but each person has a desire to thrive again. Here is Luther’s heart, written in his own words:

Greetings GRACE Community,

My name is Luther Hart and I am a 36 year old Father of 12-year-old magnificent, bright and intellectual son of which I have been raising on my own almost since birth.  I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but I am now native to Texas, since I have spent the majority of my life here in Texas, back east.  Despite the loss of my father at an early age in my life, I was able to overcome issues and concerns that most children suffer from at such an early age.

I attended College at The University of Texas at Tyler and co-enrolled at Tyler Junior College.  Soon after I transferred to KD College in Dallas and earned my Associate’s Degree.

Later on I took jobs outside of the Texas area, first in Los Angeles, then in Washington D.C., to try and better our life and provide for my young son.  I was on the road to success.

I returned from Washington, D.C. to care for my mom during her last days before transitioning on to the next life. I was terrified of leaving a steady job with promising opportunities for advancement.  This move for me was very sudden and unplanned so it threw me in a position that I was unfamiliar with and have never experienced in all of my years of living.  [I found myself facing homelessness as a result of the sudden move. Despite the unforeseen circumstances, I was proud to be able to take care of my mom since she had always taken care of me.]

I moved back to East Texas from Washington D. C. in July of 2014 and eagerly searched for work, while caring for my mother and was unable to find suitable employment for the area.  My mother fell ill and I spent about two months with her in Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston Texas.

During this time I went through what savings I had trying to care for her, paying bills that fell behind and taking care of my son.  I lost my mother on November 23, 2014, 3 days before my 36th birthday, around the same time I lost my father when I was my son’s age now.

Devastated, I spent several months trying to get information about the credit life insurance we discussed on several occasions before she fell ill.  I was unsuccessful in doing so due to the lack of a will of the estate or any of my siblings or myself being appointed administrator of her estate.  Due to these failures I was unable to stay in the home that she left her children due to technicalities and an unprepared death of a parent.  My mother’s home is currently undergoing foreclosure and I feel so helpless that I could do nothing about the situation.

I am and have been grateful that God allowed me to find GRACE.  You have allowed me to restore hope and develop a sense of significance throughout these hard and painful times in my life.  I know that it’s only a matter of time until I am fully and completely restored, along with my family during these trying times.

Regardless of any of the obstacles placed in front of me, I must keep pressing on and standing strong to see my family through troubled times.  God keeps us in perfect peace.