Last week many of you received a letter from GRACE Executive Director Shonda Schaefer on behalf of the families facing particular hardship over the holiday season.

Over the past year, we have celebrated many triumphs and successes on behalf of our clients—a grandmother paying off debt and finding a steady income to care for her grandchildren. A single father going from homeless to gainfully employed and providing for his son. A young mother escaping domestic abuse and finding shelter for her child.

As a staff we get to sit front row to these transformations, but they are only made possible by the generous contributions of partners like you.

Each of these individuals came to GRACE needing help to meet their most basic needs—food, clothing, and shelter—and every day, we continue to see clients who need help. Though you may not know their names, you have the ability to meet their needs. Your donation of $25, $50, $100 or more can help someone survive a crisis and get back on their feet.

As Thanksgiving approaches, you can help ensure that families in our community are able to share a holiday meal with their families—a gift of just $20 will purchase a turkey for a family. This year, we expect to provide nearly 900 turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with a basket of all the necessary ingredients to create a delicious meal. Each of these baskets will be donated and assembled by individuals like you!

More than feeding a family for the holidays, your gift will help meet the basic needs of families in our community so that they can work toward the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. Your donation won’t just purchase a turkey—it will truly transform the lives of families in your community.

Our mission—to demonstrate compassion for the less fortunate by providing for their needs and helping them move toward self-sufficiency—is only possible with your support. As you enter this season of gratitude and celebration, consider joining our mission and helping a family in need today!

When a family is struggling with a crisis, a loss of a job, an illness or some other catastrophe, support of any kind is a blessing. While GRACE provides assistance in the form of food, clothing, financial assistance, healthcare and other support—we really are combating despair and hopelessness, the enemies of self-sufficiency and dignity.