Giving as we have received to help those in need


When members of the Compass Church family were charged with the annual Thanksgiving shopping list that would provide food for their neighbors struggling over the holidays, they went above the call and tripled expectations.

The congregation collected 15,000 pounds of Thanksgiving turkeys and holiday trimmings needed to complete a warm holiday meal with loved ones. Sharing their blessings has allowed hundreds of families to gather around a table and thank the Lord for providing extra blessings this season.

Compass Church has been a strong ally since 1995, and has devoted just over $240,000 to further GRACE programs.

While we thought it was hard to outdo the love they have shown to families these many years, the congregation has gone above and beyond in generosity and service for local families.

This defining season at Compass spurred discipleship groups organically into action at GRACE, including providing for families who face particular hardship this time of year.

For the families and individuals who made it a priority to stand in the gap for families who might have otherwise had a sparse holiday, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



This week volunteers gathered around the GRACE Food Pantry back lot so hundreds of families could gather around their table over a warm holiday meal.

During holiday distribution, families (and some volunteers who drove on behalf of clients who were unable to drive or lacked transportation) are able to drive through the back lot at the GRACE Food Pantry and be greeted by friendly volunteers, who load their vehicles with the holiday food basket just in time for the Thursday feast.

Last year 600 turkey dinners and sides were given to families struggling to make ends meet this Thanksgiving.

This week and every week at GRACE, the kindness of the volunteers and gratefulness of the clients seem to echo the sentiment we most cherish this time of year: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.”

A special thanks to the following volunteer groups that made Thanksgiving distribution possible:

  • NCL Southlake
  • AMPT/Young Professionals
  • Baylor Scott & White
  • Southlake Carroll Youth and Parents
  • Hilton DFW Lakes
  • Compass Christian Church
  • NICHE Homeschooling
  • Good Shepherd Catholic Community
  • St. Laurence Church


Members of SASO collected $2,600 to purchase Christmas toys for families who are struggling this season.

It was important to the group to shop specifically for teenagers as their peers and as the most-needed age group for gifts each year.

Those who have a teenager or two at home know how difficult it is to shop for one, especially over the holidays, which is why it’s imperative that Christmas Cottage offer relevant, appealing options to put that childlike glee back on their faces on Christmas morning.

If you’re looking for gift ideas, we’ve generated a complete Christmas Cottage wishlist, with teen gift ideas below. According to Amazon, top teen gift options include a Bluetooth shower speaker, LED wake up clock, party board games and electronics.

SASO has invested nearly 500 hours of service at Christmas Cottage, Donation Station, and with Feed Our Kids, where they provided nearly 650 meals to children this summer.

SASO, which is an abbreviation for “Scholars & Athletes Serving Others”, is an inclusive non-profit in its own right, allowing Southlake high school boys and girls and their mothers to partner in serving their cities while maintaining high academic standards.

Thanks to the young women at SASO for extending the spirit of the season with fellow teens!

Download full Christmas Cottage Wishlist here 


Cologne (Girls/Boys)

GIFT CARDS: Wal-Mart Target, Fast Food,

Remote Control Cars, Helicopter, Boats

Mountain Bikes/Helmets

Axe Fragrance Kits boys & girls

Bath & Body Works Lotions, Etc.

Bedroom Accessories

Cowboy, Stars, Mavericks, Rangers

Crow Lush Watches


Electric Scooters

Fleece Bottoms Boy and Girl

Star Wars Anything

Hooded Sweatshirts- L & XL with Athletic

Make-Up Sets / Nail Polish sets

Skateboards / Rip Sticks


Teen Bedding Sets

Teen Board Games

Wireless Speakers

Hair Tools (Straightener, etc.)


“…Fill them with your love, fill them with your grit, fill them with that peace that comes only from You as we, more and more, find ourselves rooted in grace; that this that this wouldn’t just be a building of brick and mortar, but one held together by generosity and love, by faith finding its hands and its voice in service…that hearts and lives would be forever changed.”

Last Thursday the community spent the morning to commemorate and pray for a piece of land that will soon be the foundation for GRACE’s central location. While the ceremony itself lasted only a couple of hours, the cause for which people came has been prayed over for more than thirty years.

An estimated 150 guests were in attendance of the event, which included remarks from special guests including GRACE Founder, Tricia Wood, Dr. Todd Renner of White’s Chapel United Methodist Church, GRACE Board President Bree Vopelak, and Capital Campaign Co-Chairs Traci Bernard and Dr. Randy Robbins, and others.

Dr. Renner gave a convicting invocation, which he has graciously shared with us and can be read in full below.

GRACE’s founder, Tricia Wood, delivered an eloquent reminder of God’s faithfulness every moment since the vision of housing services in one organization became a reality in 1987.

It’s the original vision of GRACE—what was then referred to as Grapevine Relief And Community Exchange—to serve as an exchange of the community’s collective resources to provide relief and hope to the poor in our community.

GRACE Board President Bree Vopelak spoke about how the thirty years of piecing together locations and services, the opportunity to re-energize GRACE’s infrastructure to support client’s futures has come after its current facilities are worn, stretched and difficult to access by clients coming on their lunch break or time off from work.

Rooted In GRACE re-establishes a “One Stop Shop” for GRACE services, and rebuilds the infrastructure that will make GRACE strong for years to come.

Capital Campaign Co-Chair, Traci Bernard, spoke about the drastic increase need for GRACE services as the population has risen, like the Food Pantry and Community Clinic which have seen a 100% growth in clients over the last five years.

Fellow Capital Campaign Chair, Dr. Randy Robbins highlighted the next phase of the Rooted In GRACE project, which will utilize current GRACE Main location as an intake, sorting, and distribution Donation Station. A warehouse will also be constructed for rotating inventory and seasonal storage (much to the in-kind donors’ delight who are currently forced to fit in the narrow, hazardous bend at the current drop off.)

Robbins also touched on the revenue that resale brings to operational funding, and the vital touchpoint Donation Station is for corporate partners, congregations, and civic groups.

John and Elizabeth Huffman of Black Door Home Co. turned the crowd’s attention to the first graders at Faith Christian, who aptly spurred the charge to uproot the dirt and kick off the Groundbreaking.

View the Groundbreaking Album here.

If you’d like to be a part of the future of GRACE, visit the Rooted In GRACE page at

View a rendering of the new facility here.

GRACE Groundbreaking Invocation Prayer, Dr. Todd Renner, White’s Chapel United Methodist Church

Almighty and everlasting God, ever exalted…but always near…we thank You for this great day: a day hoped for and prayed for and worked for by so many for so long. Thank You for this day that shines its light into the darkness of this world – this world of shootings and struggles and storms.  Thank You for the hope that we find in moments like this…and as we take this first step towards a greater, brighter tomorrow, we pray you’d make us mindful of all those who have gone before – make us mindful of those who paved the way, of those who fed the dream, of those who lit the torch that’s now been passed to us…and make us faithful stewards of their legacy.

And let us find common ground here, as we stand upon this holy ground – this ground that we, now, bless, sanctify, and break in your great name: let us find unity in our common work, let us find unity in our common service, let us find unity in our common hope and love and compassion for our neighbors.

And as these walls soon rise, we ask: let them, in turn, tear walls down: use them…use us to tear down the walls that separate too many from opportunity, use us to tear down the walls of disease and hunger and poverty.  O, God, tear down the walls of apathy and fear that surround us; tear down the privileged walls of our own blindness that we might see the needs of our brothers and the promise of our sisters.

So, let your Spirit descend upon all those who will serve here – empower them…and be with all those who will be served here – embolden them…fill them with your love, fill them with your grit, fill them with that peace that comes only from You as we, more and more, find ourselves rooted in grace…that this that this wouldn’t just be a building of brick and mortar, but one held together by generosity and love, by faith finding its hands and its voice in service…that hearts and lives would be forever changed.

And, so, we humbly ask for safety for all those who will build…and patience for all, we, who’ll wait…that, in the end, the miracle of GRACE would abound and grow…as this dirt we move here today would, tomorrow, move mountains.

For we pray all these things in your holy name. Amen.


WFAA’s Meteorologist Pete Delkus and crew will be standing by at the Colleyville High School on Tuesday, December 5 to accept new, unwrapped toys on behalf of families in need. The drive-thru drop off will be set up from 5:00-8:30 p.m.

WFAA’s Santa’s Helpers is celebrating its 48th year of collecting Christmas toys for children throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth counties of Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton.

GRACE was one of several charities represented at the toy drive and all of the toys designated for GRACE will go to the Christmas Cottage for immediate selection by GRACE families.

Pete and special guests broadcast segments throughout the night’s programming schedule, concluding with the 10 p.m. newscast. Let’s show the Metroplex how generous this community is!

On that note, you can’t miss our upcoming Christmas Cottage Open House on December 12, which will bring the magic of Disney (this year’s Christmas Cottage theme) and spirit of Christmas together for one magical evening to begin the Christmas season.

WFAA Santa’s Helpers Drop off Information

Tuesday, December 5 – Colleyville Drive-Thru
Colleyville Heritage High School
5401 Heritage Ave.
Colleyville, TX 76034
5:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.

Find complete drop off schedule here.

Today is the day the Lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. What a mighty God we serve.

Since moving into my very home in July, I have been blessed to be in the company of some of the nicest people on earth. The staff members at GRACE are genuinely loving and caring human beings, who want nothing less than the very best for and from us.

Then I am further blessed to worship with the same angels that were at my housewarming welcome. The ministers, board members, contributors and awesome folks who gave so selflessly to make my home one I am truly honored to be the recipient of, are still the faces of God in my eyes.

When I was trying to figure out where my life was going, I ran into one stumbling block after another. I found it difficult to get going in the mornings and sleep was not easy because I had so much on my mind. It seemed that everything I tried only dug me into a deeper hole.

I never lost my faith. I believe God has blessed me over and over again. I wasn’t worried about whether or not He would come. I wondered when and how.

To my amazement, He has shown me His unmerited favor. I thought so many times about what I could do differently and one day I was talking to my sister and said, “sweetie, sometimes God doesn’t want you to do anything. Sometimes he just wants us to give it all to him.” It was only then that I fell down on my knees and lay all I have at the throne of God.

And then came GRACE! I now have a plan for my future. I am able to see more clearly because I am not struggling with my day to day basic needs. GRACE has made such an impact on my survival for the future looks more promising than I could have hoped for.

That’s how God works through. He goes above and beyond anything I can dream.

I have settled into my home and even though I have to leave each day for work, I look forward to coming home. It’s warm and cozy. It’s safe and stress-free.

I am currently working with the help of my case manager in cleaning up my credit, managing my spending so that I can save.

I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and hard work. It is helping hands like yours that make the difference in the lives of people who otherwise would not have been able to pull it together on their own.

I take nothing for granted, I am acutely aware that I have been blessed immensely. I owe GRACE a debt of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all he is doing. There are no words adequate enough to express my heartfelt gratitude for my forever family called GRACE.

I pray that when I leave GRACE I can give back to someone coming behind me who needs GRACE support like I did.

 About GRACE Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing clients participate in a comprehensive two-year program that equips clients for success through accountability, skills training, and encouragement in a structured, safe environment. Many of the clients come to GRACE Transitional Housing after experiencing domestic abuse or an emergency situation that has jeopardized their safety or livelihood.


Just outside the remodeled showroom at Park Place Lexus were not one but two LC 500’s brimming with dolls, toy trucks and other gifts that will give hope to families facing hardship this Christmas. Each year guests donate new, unwrapped gifts as an entry to one of the most generous soirees of the season.

The event, which took place November 9, engaged a spirit of giving to the community and provided a valuable platform to share other ways GRACE gives hope to families throughout the year.

The generous mound of gifts will be sorted and displayed at the Christmas Cottage, a storehouse located at 3100 Timberline, where qualifying families are given credits for which to “shop” and budget their resources for just the right gifts.

Parents are not only given the opportunity to select the gifts their children will love, each household is given a “family gift”, which usually includes an appliance or essential item that the entire family can utilize.

Thanks to your participation in events like the Park Place Lexus and our Open House, taking place December 12, GRACE has the honor of encouraging families who need hope this Christmas.

Wine and spirits were provided by Solerno, Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, and Texas-owned Vineyard at Florence. Guests enjoyed festive fare from the one and only Chop House burger.

Guests took home personalized treats with childish enthusiasm, thanks to the magical photo booth that prints your portrait directly on the cookie.

On behalf of Park Place Lexus and the families we serve, thank you for making this season memorable for so many!

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Miss the event?

There are still plenty of opportunities to give! Gifts are being accepted at the Christmas Cottage, 3100 Timberline Dr. in Grapevine, during operational hours (best to call 817-992-4690 or email first to confirm arrival.) Get a full list here.


If you are passionate about helping families overcome hardship through financial education, VITA is facing a crucial need for volunteers in various capacities for the new tax season.

Tax Preparers, Intake Specialists, and Interpreters help families with the process, and no volunteer is liable for errors. No prior qualification is required, and each volunteer receives ample training. In fact, a staff person will be present at all times.

Last year volunteers helped families discover over $150,000 in Earned Income Credit and over $43,000 in Child Tax Credit. This effort supports GRACE’s mission to restore financial stability for families by helping them accrue a healthy savings account.

Volunteers will serve at GRACE Main, 610 Shady Brook Drive.

In addition, an informational session will be held at GRACE Main on December 13 from 4:30-5:30pm to discuss various service opportunities available. RSVP to

Sign Up Here

Tarrant County, Complete Steps 1 -4

IRS VITA Certified Tax Preparer Training

Saturday, January 20, 2018, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Grapevine Community Outreach Center, Classroom B

3010 Mustang Dr, Grapevine, TX 76051

Still have questions? Reach out to GRACE Volunteer Manager Lara Hohweiler.


Santa’s helpers typically pose questions as to what to get on behalf of children and families at Christmas Cottage. We’ve put together a list in order of age to give you some inspiration!

Aside for the new, unwrapped toys that will go under the trees for 1,600 children and 2,700 family members, the Christmas Cottage is always in need of tape, wrapping paper, batteries, and cookies to go the families.

Are you an Amazon Prime member, here’s Amazon’s Top 100 Toy list this Christmas 


Disney Princess / Moana (NEW)

Dolls of Color / Newer Baby Dolls

Easy Bake Ovens

Science Kits / Science Toys

Dinosaur Anything

Infant Toys / FP Little People

Lego Sets All Type/ Lego Mine craft

Red Wagons

Marvel /Action Figure Toys

Hot Wheel Track Sets

Lion King / Angry Birds/ Stork

Arts & Craft Kits

Baby Alive

Board Games, Pie in the face

Cars & Trucks

Current Action Figures

Barbie Accessories Cars, Tents, Pools Etc.

Kid Clothes 18 month – 4 years

Doc Mcstuffins Toys

Dora the Explorer Toys

Finding Nemo / Dory

My Generation Dolls

Nerf Toys (For Boys & Girls)

Nickelodeon Anything

Razor Scooters

Remote-Controlled Cars

Funko Pop / Woodzeez

Sesame St. Toys / Paw Patrol

Trolls, Pokemon, Pinkalicious

Hatchimals, Twozies,

Sofia the First /My Little Pony

Star Wars Anything

Female Super Heros

Toddler Toys Ages 1-3

Twin Bedding / Full

V-Tech Toys


Cologne (Girls/Boys)

GIFT CARDS: Wal-Mart Target, Fast Food,

Remote Control Cars, Helicopter, Boats

Mountain Bikes/Helmets

Axe Fragrance Kits boys & girls

Bath & Body Works Lotions, Etc.

Bedroom Accessories

Cowboy, Stars, Mavericks, Rangers

Crow Lush Watches


Electric Scooters

Fleece Bottoms Boy and Girl

Star Wars Anything

Hooded Sweatshirts- L & XL with Athletic

Make-Up Sets / Nail Polish sets

Skateboards / Rip Sticks


Teen Bedding Sets

Teen Board Games

Wireless Speakers

Hair Tools (Straightener, etc.)



Toaster Ovens / Blenders

Small Microwave Oven

Cookware Sets

Crock Pots

Dish Sets Serving 8

Electric Griddles

George Foreman Grills

Gift Certificates


Themed Waffle Irons


  • Rolls of white and bright blue bulletin board paper
  • Staple guns and staples
  • Blue duct tape / Gorilla Tape
  • Packaging tape
  • Batteries of all sizes
  • Cases of water
  • Overhead projectors
  • 55 gallon trash bags with and without drawstrings
  • Box cutters
  • Glitter / Paint

All toys can be dropped off at Donation Station or this year’s Christmas Cottage, 3100 Timberline Drive in Grapevine. If dropping off at the Christmas Cottage, it’s best to contact them so they know you’re coming at 817-992-4690.


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